:Our Winter tips for maintaining your furnitur

Our Winter tips for maintaining your furniture

In the cold winter weather we tend to spend more time indoors

 We close the windows and shades and leave the doors shut all day long

It's all nice and cozy, but there is a down side to it

Air trapped in the room combined with germs, general dust and moisture can damage the fabrics of our couches and rugs

Bad odor and even mold can develop due to moisture and the absences of fresh air flow

So what can we do? The answer is quite simple

Aside from vacuuming the furniture and carpets once a week- make sure to let fresh air in the room

Wait for a sunny day and if possible, take the furniture out to the direct sunlight

Take advantage of the nice weather and open all the windows and doors for a couple of hours

You will definitely feel the difference and your home will stay a fresh and healthier environment