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recommendations המלצות

Just wanted to say that Uriel and his team are fantastic at what they do. They came to clean my fabric sofas and an office chair in Ramat Gan a few days ago with excellent results. Not only are they very thorough in their work (checking all the nooks and crannies), they are also affordable and are willing to work with customers on amount of work and pricing. Highly recommended.

Nili Badanowski‎‏ Ramat gan

ביקשתי הצעת מחיר ומצאתי שהם בהחלט מתחרים היטב באופציות האחרות הקיימות באינטרנט ( וכלל לא בטוח אם מגיעים לשומרון...)
הזמנתי ניקוי של השטיחים, הספות וכסאות האוכל המרופדים,
העבודה הייתה מקצועית ומצוינת
הספות ללא הכר! ולשטיחים חזר הצבע ללחיים...
!מאד ממליצה

חוה אליהו מעלה שומרון

Our (yellow - we must have been crazy) couch looked like it would never "shine"again - We never thought we'd get the arms clean (and we tried everything) -
Thanks to Uriel Schwartz's amazing vacuum our couch looks like new - You wouldn't believe that it has 5 years of "family use" -

I strongly recommend that you call Uriel (050-6802834) to give your couch or carpet a new life

Michal knoller ginot shomron

I just had my living room rug cleaned by Uriel Schwartz and he did a fantastic job. Give him a call 050-680-2834 you'll be glad you did!

Chanina Rosenbaum karnei shomron

An unsolicited recommendation:
My couches were yucky and  almost in the garbage, but I decided to try one last thing.  I called Fresh and Clean service to see if they could salvage the couches.
I am so happy that I called them!  They look and smell fantastic!  Aryeh (who lives here) came on time, gave me a fair price and was done when he said he would be. 
They looked so clean, that when my daughter came back from Chutz Laaretz, it was the first thing she noticed!
They have a small ad on page 73 in the new yishuv book - the number listed is 050-680-2834.
Chani Tabak חשמונאים

I have a beautiful, clean carpet and sofa thanks to Uriel Shwartz of "fresh & clean" - very professional...
שאנה אשואל נווה עליזה

Just had all our wall to wall carpeting and upholstery professionally cleaned by Fresh & Clean - Uriel Schwartz's cleaning company - GREAT job, GREAT results, highly recommended!!
leba kleivin

Uriel and his brother Nadav recently cleaned all the carpets and couches in my father's apt in Jlm, doing an awesome job at a reasonable rate! Highly recommended as well! Chaviva Braun

    We used Uriel a few months ago for our upholstery and carpet cleaning needs. Uriel is an expert in his field, combining the latest technology, with A plus professionalism and customer service. We immediately saw the results of his work.
Ari Zev Katz neve aliza

March 20, 2013,

    I have use Fresh & Clean several times over the past few years to clean our carpeting and have always been pleased with the results. Their prices are very reasonable and they work efficiently and clean. I highly recommend them.
Solomon Rosenbaum, PE
March 12, 2013,

    Our carpets were a JUNGLE of dirt - I was afraid to walk on them with shoes on! Then Uriel got hold of them. In a day they were sparkling clean and bright, and *safe* to walk on even barefoot! Uriel is the only man I would trust with my (very expensive!) carpets!
David Shamah

March 7, 2013,

    Uriel Schwartz' company does a deep cleaning of upholstery & carpets, with fantastic results. He is also pleasant to work with.

Gershon Simkins Raanana
March 6, 2013,

    Uriel did a wonderful job cleaning our light beige living room sofas and recliner, which looked as good as new when he finished the job. He worked quickly, professionally, and cleanly, and when the job was done, he put the living room back exactly as it had been. He was extremely pleasant and friendly, inspired confidence, and I didn't feel there was a 'stranger' in the...more

Arlene Marom
Tel Aviv
March 4, 2013,

    We hired Uriel to clean our carpet and upholstery (dining room chairs that we had given up hope of getting the stains out). He worked hard on removing the stains from the chairs and delivered on his promise to get the stains out. We really didn't expect it to work after trying everything else. Uriel is friendly and punctual. He's totally trustworthy and knows what he is...more

Ilan Meister

February 28, 2013,

Uriel Schwartz is a reliable service provider. He is a professional in every sense of the word, including being personable and showing up when scheduled.. In addition to that, he is easy to communicate with, and always gives service with a smile.

 Doug mandel

 July 4, 2013,

Highly Highly recommend this company for any upholstery or cleaning needed. They came to clean my couch after my puppy had a few accidents and did an amazing job the first time around. Unfortunately puppy urine is a hard smell to get rid of, and when I called to tell them they were super adamant about coming back and doing the job again free of charge. Super nice and loyal guys. Couldn't be happier with the work they did and how they treated
me as a customer.

Sivan tamir 
Tel Aviv

I can highly recommend Uriel Schwartz's company Fresh & Clean (050-680-2834). He cleaned the interior upholstery of my car to perfection.
In addition to his cleaning skills he is a pleasure to work with.
Ann Roseman
Ginot shomron

אני יכולה להמליץ בחום רב על החברה Fresh & Clean של אוריאל שוורץ
. הוא עשה עבודה נהדרת בניקוי הריפוד בתוך האוטו שלי.
בנוסף לתוצאות, מאוד נוח ונחמד לעבוד איתו.

אן רוזמן גינות שומרון

I highly recommend them – they did an amazing job at my house and they are a pleasure to work with

Dalia Gross Beit Shemesh

I highly recommend Fresh and Clean!! Excellent customer service, and very thorough work!! My couches and rug look brand new!! THEY even got the stain and odor out of my mattress!

Faye Cohen Gable מעלה אדומים

5 star recommendation for Fresh & clean carpet & sofa cleaning!!!
we just had our carpets and couches cleaned by one of Uriel's top employees, Alon. It was an absolute pleasure to do business with them. Alon did a fabulous job. i highly recommend their services!

Debby Spero Ginot Shomron
April 06 2014

I used Uriel's services today and I can't express how happy I am!!!!!!!! I have a NEW salon!!!!! Excellent results and very professional service, thanks!

Myriam Gabriela Kahan Modiin
March 30 2014

Thank you soooo much!!! My sofas look brand new and smell amazing!!! Your service was outstanding.
Shana Tova
Tami Feinblum-Derfner Raanana

Thank you Uriel for showing up when needed and doing a great professional job. I highly recommend!
Lauren Shachtman‎‏ Netanya

חבר'ה מתוקים ותותחים. באו, ניקו יסודי את הספה המג'וייפת שקיבלתי והיו ממש נחמדים. אה, וגם המחיר ממש הוגן! ממליצה בחום.
חגית שחר מודיעין

אתם אמינים ומדהימים!!! תודה רבה!!!
שני זאקס מודיעין

We use Uriel and his team regularly to clean or vacuum our carpets. They are professional, efficient and polite
Michael Firer Ginot Shomron 

We had a carpets and sofa cleaned by "fresh and clean " ניקוי שטיחים וריפודים
They did an amazing job !
I highly recommend them .
Contact Uriel
Melanie Josman Beit Shemesh

Hi there. I want to thank you so much for your prompt and efficient service. The men you sent to my house yesterday did a superb job. Please let them know how much I appreciate their hard labour. They were also both polite and pleasant. You obviously run a top-notch company. May you continue to grow in your success ad infinitum My very best,
Yehudis Kalfa Rammot Jerusalem
מסתכלים על הספה שלכם, הדהויה, מלאת הכתמים...מרגישים שהיא מסתכלת עליכם בחזרה ולא יודעים מה לעשות איתה?
לזרוק? לקנות חדש? אבל היי, היא הייתה יפייפיה פעם... הייתה סיבה לכך שרכשתם אותה!
אולי יש לכם שטיח מהמם שממש שחבל לכם לזרוק- אבל פאדיחה להיות איתו במצבו הנוכחי?
לא חייבים לקנות חדש-
תזמינו את החבר'ה המדהימים האלה,
אנשים חרוצים, ייסודיים ולא משאירים פינה אחת ללא טיפול מושלם,
דואגים תמיד שהלקוח יהיה מרוצה ועם חיוך,
נותנים עבודה ומשקיעים 1000%!
הספות והשטיח שלכם יודו לכם אחר-כך!
אוריאל- 050-6802834
fresh & clean carpet & sofa cleaning
מוזמנים להיכנס לדף שלהם, לראות תמונות (מדהימות!!) של "לפני" ו"אחרי",
ולפרגן לדף שלהם בלייק!! שווים את זה!
 הילה קריקב מעלה שומרון

הרבה זמן לא פגשתי שירות אדיב, מקצועי, יעיל ואיכותי. פשוט כיף. תודה לכם.
מאי מלצר מודיעין

אתם פשוט אלופים!!! הצוות יצא מפה כרגע והשירות היה מדהים. נדיר לקבל שירות כזה בארץ. שווה כל שקל. מאחלים לכם פרנסה בשפע!
נעמה לוי מודיעין 

We recently had a rug and couch cleaned and were very happy with the service. Everything looks like new! Thank you
Nitza Jerome‎‏

I had them come and clean my bed and couch.
They came around my schedule early in the morning as there was no other time that could work for me. My couch that used to look disgusting and had many stains on it over the years now looks brand new.
I had a huge stain on my bed which is now gone.
They are also really a group of great guys.
I highly recommend them and I know I will be using them in the future.

Michael Tauber‎‏ Givaat Shmuel